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You know what’s really strange to think about? The PS3 is now a very widely respected console with tons of great games and exclusives, a solid OS and digital network that works across multiple different Sony systems, and it still gets more great games and exclusives too.

But like the PS3 launched in 2006, and for almost 2-3 years it was widely seen as the laughing stock of the games industry, there were countless image macros about “ps3 fails” and how Sony had ruined a great brand, even songs and stuff about it, photoshops, and that one “ps3 has no games” joke that people still use today (fondly I think)

But yeah looking at the PS3 now it’s hard to believe how badly it started even if lots of us saw it first hand.

This is exactly why long gens are so important and why I think gens in general should be really long! To give those slow-starting systems a chance to really shine. whoa.


  1. davybot said: Even though Im gladly content with my Wii and 360, this is pretty much why I kinda want a Ps3 now. Theres a handful of exclusives that I really want to try out!
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