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Also this isn’t really related to anything but.

It seems increasingly clear that nowadays people don’t actually want new consoles very much. The last gen has been long and yet people are comfortable with still playing games for PS3 and 360, there seems to be no rush for newer technologies like there was last gen, probably because people feel that systems can already do what they want them to do.

That’s not to say the new gen won’t be successful, but I wonder if it’ll have a much slower adoption rate than last gen. Games aren’t slowing like they did on PS2/GC/XBOX, nor are people losing interest.

So maybe the idea that “new gens” won’t be a thing anymore after another gen or two is a very real possibility.. Gen8 will probably last even longer (unless PS4 or NextBox royally fuck up in some way - some NextBox rumours seem to indicate that might happen huh) before anyone really wants more powerful games. 

Or I could just be looking in the wrong places and maybe everyone is actually creaming themselves at the thought of playing CoD in more betterer graphics than ever before.

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  5. chuuniskeleton said: disappointed when it turns out that the next gen is NOT that big of a step up from what we currently have. Unless people are okay with spending US$600+ on a console
  6. attractdistract said: i hope there aren’t any new gens, tbh